Through a technical assistance agreement with the City of Akron, Ohio & Erie Canalway Coalition is teaming up with local corporations to develop the Adopt-A-Trail program. This program, which is being tested in 2018, aims to assist with the maintenance and activation of a 3-mile section of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail through the city of Akron.

“Our office is right along the Trail and many of our employees are already using the Trail daily, so if we can help maintain this section, we’re already there and excited to support it.” - Alexandria Reiter, GPD Group

Learn more about what our partners have to say about the Adopt-A-Trail program here.

Working in partnership with corporations, non-profit organizations and individuals, Ohio & Erie Canalway Coalition is recruiting community organizations to assist with cleanups, landscaping, and activation along the Ohio & Erie Canal and Towpath Trail from downtown to Summit Lake. Some examples of potential projects include:

  • Towpath Trail and Canal clean ups and litter removal
  • Landscaping, plantings, weeding, pruning and mulching
  • Towpath Trail Watch Group, report any damage, vandalism or graffiti
  • Assist with Towpath Trail activation, seating, lighting, murals or landscaping

Participating organizations will organize at least four Adopt-A-Trail activities throughout the calendar year. We have recieved overwhelming support from organizations in response to this program, with nine organizations signing up to participate in the program. These organizations are:

Black and Veech
Cleveland Clinic Akron General
Environmental Design Group
GPD Group
G. Stephens Inc.
HR Gray
Hazen and Sawyer
Lockheed Martin
ms consultants

If you are interested in becoming a supporting member of the Adopt-A-Trail program, please contact George Ebey at 330-374-5657 or