The Towpath Companion

The Towpath Companion is the best traveler's guide for the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail.

The Towpath Companion provides detailed information about the historical, natural, and recreational resources along the 101-mile Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail. Travelers on the trail will find this beautiful guidebook an essential item in their backpack.

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Towpath Companion Sixth Edition

Ohio & Erie Canalway Coalition completed the sixth edition of the Towpath Companion in November 2015. This detailed trail guide has up-to-date information about the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail including trailheads, restrooms, food, lodging, and points of interest. The Towpath Companion guides hikers, bicyclists, canoers, and nature lovers with information about the trail. The Towpath Trail follows alongside the Ohio & Erie Canal built in the 1800s and today, defines a region rich in historical, natural, and cultural resources.

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